• Lessons are scheduled every week throughout the academic year beginning the week after labor day in September and going thru approximately the second week of June. Holiday weeks will correlate with the local school system (Thanksgiving, Winter break and Spring break).
  • Lesson length is determined by age, level and constitution of the child. A general guideline based by level is 30 minutes for beginners, 45 minutes starting around the Minuet level of Book 1 or beginning of Book 2 and 60 minutes for students at the end of Book 3 through the beginning of Book 4.
  • No make-up lessons or refunds will be offered if a family cannot attend their scheduled lesson time. If I need to reschedule I will work with each family to find a mutually agreeable time to make-up the lesson. Parents are encouraged to switch lesson times with other families if they are unable to attend their weekly scheduled lesson time.
  • The ASVS summer schedule (approximately the 3rd week of June thru the 3rd week of August) offers a flexible schedule where families can sign up for as many or few violin lessons as they prefer. Sign up for summer lessons begins in May and lesson openings are available on a first come first serve basis .
  • Please enter the studio with both a calm and quiet demeanor. It will often be appropriate to remove jackets and do other small preparations of materials in the hallways to be respectful to the other families on our studio having their lesson.


  • Group classes meets once a month on Saturday mornings during the academic year. A complete list of group class dates, times and special events (parent talks, practice party, recitals and more) will be published every fall. During the summer, we will meet once a month in the park for a play-in.
  • Special events include outreach performances, recitals, practice parties and more.


  • Tuition is due at the first lesson of every month. There is a $35 late fee for tuition received after the first week of the month.
  • ASVS accepts cash or checks. When possible, cash is preferred.
  • Each student will be asked to pay a one time per year $25 activity fee in the fall to help cover the costs of our 2 recitals later in the school year.
  • Tuition will remain the same price every month. Some months will have more or less than 4 lessons and the schedule will be organized over the course of the academic year so that each student receives an equal amount of lessons. Each student's lessons will even out to receiving 4 lessons a month by the end of the academic year. With holiday breaks this will lead us through approximately the second week of June with the exception of Thursday students who will have the option of either scheduling an additional lesson on a make-up day or adding a lesson in the summer months.
Monthly tuition for 30-minute lessons and group class is $120
Monthly tuition for 45-minute lessons and group class is $180
Monthly tuition for 60-minute lessons and group class is $240


  • Students are expected to practice at least 6 days a week.
  • Practice length is equal to the length of the lesson. The exception of practice length equalling lesson length is with beginners who are still gathering skills and working up to this amount of time.


  • Recommended amount of Suzuki CD listening is 1-3 hours a day. Music can be in the background.
  • Students are encouraged to attend classical music performances whenever possible.


  • Each family should designate a parent to be the parent partner. The parent partner is expected to attend every lesson and take notes and be responsible for the daily listening, daily practice and obtaining supplies as needed.