Images of covers for I Came Here to Play, Volumes 1 and 2

I Came Here to Play,
Collections of Music for Four Violins, Volumes 1 & 2

As both a composer and Suzuki Violin teacher one of my dearest endeavors is to create new music for violin students. I want to help fill their lives with energetic and gratifying new music that is in touch with the pulse of their generation. The I Came Here to Play series was created to help bring students together so that they can play in the true sense of the word. The compositions that are presented in these volumes are highly melodic and pulse oriented, idiosyncratic to the instrument and build upon an existing skill set.

I Came Here to Play, Volume 1 –

  • Beginner to intermediate level
  • Integrates players at different skill levels—many compositions include a
    4th violin part using familiar rhythms on an open string
  • Celebrates and reinforces existing skills
  • Melodies that are energetic and musically satisfying
  • Familiar forms for easy memorization

I Came Here to Play, Volume 2 –

  • Intermediate to advanced level
  • Emphasizes 3rd, 4th and 5th positions
  • Mixed meter writing
  • 5/8 and 7/8 time signatures
Image of cover for Twinkle: Duets, Trios and Quartets

Twinkle: Duets, Trios and Quartets

Twinkle: Duets, Trios and Quartets is a collection of new arrangements of the Suzuki classic Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for two, three and four violins. This album contains 20 duets, 12 trios and 12 quartets. This book was composed for the Book 4 level and up student and emphasizes third position playing. Many of the arrangements also are accessible for students newer to note reading with each arrangement focusing on a specific technique and many arrangements accommodating multi-level ensembles.

Image of cover for 187 Ways to Play Perpetual Motion

178 Ways to Play Perpetual Motion –
A Book for Suzuki Violin Teachers and Students

178 Ways to Play Perpetual Motion is a collection of 178 variations of Shinichi Suzuki’s piece Perpetual Motions from Suzuki Book 1. This collection was created to help Suzuki violin teachers capture the interest and develop technique in students. It includes material for students ranging from Book 1-10.

The variations range from technical studies such as double stops and bowing patterns to musical styles like Bossa Nova and Bluegrass. There are also plenty of playful activities to help develop overall musicianship: Bowing Styles, Left Hand Technique, Key Signatures, Rhythmic Variations, Fun with Doublestops, Musical Styles and Miscellaneous.

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